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The quantity and quality of vagina at a party or location.
Aaron: This party is a total sausage fest.

Sam: yea, the vagitation is weak.
by Sam_ July 12, 2006
Excessive pubic hair on a woman.
Rich: So how was the girl you met off of Craigslist Casusal encounters?

Mike: She was crazy and the worst case of vagitation I've ever seen.
by moonminer December 13, 2007
Vagitation: 1. Any number of common physical manifestations of emotional disturbance seen most frequently in personality-disordered women; often misdiagnosed as restless leg syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

2. The withdrawal experienced in the absence of sufficient bumps-to-the-vag; horniness.
1. "Patient presents with unrelenting vagitation following the discontinuation of her Xanax."

2. "Well what did you expect, Frank? I've been vagitating since your back surgery; I had to get my vag bumped somewhere!"
by brsmith23 June 08, 2010
Pubic hair surrounding the vagina.
She has thick vagitation.
by Vagillionaire May 30, 2009
Slang word for the vaginal area of a woman, when they don't shave the hair at all, thus causing it to look like a bush.
She hasn't shaved in years. That's quite the amount of vagitation she has there!
by Smoke369 February 21, 2012
The pubic hair of a vagina.
"Dude, did you see that girls vagitation?"

"Oh yeah that would make a woolly mammoth jealous!"
by SharpieAJ February 09, 2009
1. A growth, possibly a plant or fungi, growing from the vagina.
Oh my god! Beth has a nasty case of vagitation.
by Todd R Minner September 13, 2007

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