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4 definitions by moonminer

Excessive pubic hair on a woman.
Rich: So how was the girl you met off of Craigslist Casusal encounters?

Mike: She was crazy and the worst case of vagitation I've ever seen.
by moonminer December 13, 2007
27 3
The act of putting the soles of ones feet together in order to make a crevice suitable for intercourse. See Foot Fetish
Ian requested that his partner remove the callouses from her feet so he could have sex with her Footgina.
by moonminer January 09, 2009
16 2
1. Cheap Jewish Bastard
"The boss is such a C.J.B., he wouldn't even give me a $1.00 raise"
by Moonminer December 12, 2007
7 3
a thinly veiled reference to Jews. Popular in conspiracy theory circles. See Alex Jones and www.prisonplanet.com
The "International Money Masters" are behind the decline in the world economy.
by moonminer March 27, 2009
4 3