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A vagina which is so ancient that it needs a team of anthropologists to recognise it.
Your Grandma: "Look at my vaginasaurus!"
by Gossip Who? August 07, 2009
Someone whos a total betch
Heather Ries is a vaginasaurus
by TheGnip March 21, 2007
a sexual tiger who feeds on vagina. More Commonly known as a Vaginasaurus.. They eat vagina for breakfast lunch and dinner, and their mouth commonly tastes salty.. from you know.. eating out a.. poontang and discharge entering their mouth.
Did you see that vaginasaurus, Kade? His mouth is extremely salty.. Dumb Fuck. xD
by SexualTigeress April 03, 2011
A vagina stretched out to a large extent, Usually that of a hookers.
by Revy200 July 31, 2011
1. A large predator that should have been extinct a million years ago.

2. A xxxxtra large women who u must first role in flour to find the wet spot.
1. Vaginasaurus is like a riding a Japanese bike... Both fun to ride.. But you wouldn't want your friends to see you riding one.

2. The vaginasaurus that is smiling at me from the bar

by treespur October 02, 2007
The anatomy of an ancient and should be extinct reptilic woman of the Mesozic dating era. Usually carnivorous and often of enormous size.

Term can also be used in reference to the female attached to the anatomy
He became a gay vegetarian after he was mauled by the Vaginasaurus.

The vaginasaurus gave a deep throated growl and the stench of fleshy decay filled the bedroom.

by Bermuda Ben May 12, 2008

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