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definatly not the biggest faggot out there. tall, tan, brown eyes. a total sex magnet. not a virgin. lots of fun. and kinda goofy.
omg! look at that tall kid with the skater hair! hes such a kade.
by haydawg January 27, 2010
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One of the greatest people you will ever meet. Highly attractive with an athletic build and large muscles. Very good at sports and physical challenges. A bit of a show off sometimes but its all in good fun. Loves his girl more than anything and would do anything for her. Brown hair, blue-green eyes and an amazing smile. Loves to tease and joke with his friends and the people close to him. Always down for a good time and loves to party.
Wow that guys hot!

Ayy! That's my boyfriend Kade!

Wow your a lucky one!
by Studmuffin117 May 17, 2012
An extremely charming guy. He is definitely the hottest guy in school. All the girls are after him, but he likes to keep his distance. He is probably not a virgin, especially since he has the biggest penis in the school.

A very good friend that always has your back. He gets the inside scoop but does not ever spill your secrets!

While he is extremely attractive, he is also very intelligent and athletic. This is a kid that everyone loves and the girls compete for!
I wish I was Kade.

I was such a Kade yesterday when I got to hang out with all of those people!

Why do all the girls like the Kades?

Dang his penis looks like a Kade.
by lover5656565656 December 11, 2012
A type of person who does nothing wrong. never swears, litters or sins, Always smiling no matter what the occasion.

Jordan: Oh my god! you never litter! you're such a Kade!
by Dale O'reilly August 17, 2006
The perfect guy. Dirty blonde. Brown eyes. Tall. Cutest smile. Usually shy. Loves girls with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.
Kade is amazing.
by Mickey. November 25, 2014
Describing someone that thinks a lot of themselves. Usually a kade is someone that thinks they are good at something they are not.
that kid was acting kade when he started rapping thinking he was awesome when we all knew he sounded like justin bieber after puberty
by AML12982 April 25, 2011
Gay guy who loves taking his clothes off to dance and gyrating against solid surfaces
Haha look at that fag in the doorway dancing like kade
by MistyCones September 19, 2012

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