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(N.) - Bomb ass pussy
1.) Yeah man did you see that girl at the party she was vaginamite, but I was too trashed to remember her name...

2.) That babe looks like she'd be vaginamite I'd bang her six ways from Sunday.
by G69 May 09, 2005
(n) Famous Australian spread
Would you like Vaginamite or penis butter on your toast?
by Languish June 08, 2005
having, causing, or pertaining to explosive, diva-like, womanly energy
Suggested Use:
1) Ain't nobody dancin' at this party!! Some bitch best throw out a stick of vaginamite!!

2) I'm about two seconds from bustin' out a 30-lb. keg of vaginamite on yo' ass!!

Pun Potential:
That bitch ain't no fun. Her vaginamite be all rotten.

(Not to be confused with the two-word term describing a fictional, crab-like disease/STI)

She *has* vagina mites.
by dangerkitty5000 May 25, 2009
A Legitamitely awesome girl, like someone with a vagina who is awesome. Usually Asian.
Wei wei, you are vaginamite
by Serapolly January 31, 2011
Vagina with a clit of dynamite
Person 1; Yo dude your mom has some VAGINA-MITE! in her closet
Person 2; Fuck you
by SLAVETOGAME04 July 15, 2012
1. Sorta like lice but in vagina pubes.
1. I heard that bitch had vaginamites so she finaly shaved her pussy.
by cass-uhh-cunt April 28, 2008
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