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Use this phrase to describe something you did or would like to do a good amount of times. This phrase says "six ways" which represent the six days after Sunday in a week (Monday - Saturday). It can have a positive or negative cannotation depending on the manner in which you use it.
I'd bang that girl six ways from sunday she is vaginamite
by G69 May 11, 2005
(N.) - Bomb ass pussy
1.) Yeah man did you see that girl at the party she was vaginamite, but I was too trashed to remember her name...

2.) That babe looks like she'd be vaginamite I'd bang her six ways from Sunday.
by G69 May 09, 2005
A party featuring an unhealthy amount of males and dwindling population of females...Terrible
The outdoor version of a sausage fest
Tommy - Hey let's go over to that huge keggerthat Tanner is having I heard there is so many vaginamite girls there. Plus it's outside so we can go swimming.
Johnny - HELL NO! Never again the last party he had I had horrendous nightmares it was such a major wiener roast.
by G69 May 13, 2005

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