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A very misunderstood man. The 42nd president of the united states, he has accomplished almost more than any other president in american history. he was impeached for something that should not have been a public afair, unlike the president of today who has lied and has not been impeached. In his term the economy was the best it has ever been, he created many treatys and alies throught the world, and did wonders to the welfare of the citizens of the united states. What most people overlook is the fact that he was one of the best presidents ever and instead focus on something that is not any of their business.
bill clinton was a wonderfull president that should not have been impeached.
by Theribus September 23, 2005
1) A vagina worth an extra fuck.

2) not to be confused with "vegimite" which is the australian vegtable version of peanut butter that tastes like poop.
1) her's is one of the most vaginamite pussys around!

2) quit wasting the vaginami...i mean vegimite....
by Theribus September 23, 2005
the act of shaging someone's ass
If you shag ass her, then shed be waddling for days.
by Theribus September 23, 2005
1) A vow of no sex untill you are married. Usually only losers who beleive in god uphold this vow.

2) People who, dont understand/cant appriciate/are afraid of, sex are the ones who beleive in this.
look at that babe, such a waste for her to beleive in abstinence
by Theribus September 23, 2005

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