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1) is a group of girls ( 3-18) usually found in packs, such as cheerleaders this also applies to more than 3 girls in the bathroom the female version of a sasuge fest.

2) an extremly tight vagina similar to a bag of chips, after which when you "open" it , is loose and resembles and open bag of chips.
1) girl 1: holy crap its a vag-pack int his bathroom

girl 2: Omg i know theres like 6 girls in here.

2) john: you i heard suszie has a vag-pack

grant: yea, she did not its just an open bag of chips.

john: NICE!!!
by abe the egg December 31, 2009
A nasty sluts vagina that is in need of kicking.
Johnny: Damn this slut wont get off my dick.

Nigel: Lets kick her in her vag pack.
by Poogie McJohnson March 28, 2008
Using the stretched out vaginal skin to pack your shit in. Like a back pack that girls carry by their vagina.
U think that bitch is hiding a bleezy in her VagPack?
by BigZDaddy February 23, 2011
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