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Short for vibe killer. When someone does something that screws with your present mood. Usually used when you are in a good mood and something/someone kills that.
Brody: Dude, Mike shaved my hair!!

Simon: That is such a VK dude!!
by Mario900 November 25, 2007
short for vodka, but less obvious
Boy: "please bring some VK to the party."
Girl: "hows grey goose sound?"
by thatonekid6969 April 16, 2011
The most badass berserker PKer in runescape.
Dude some badass zerk pure known as Vk came out of nowhere and jizzed in my ear made me lose my whole bank ffs.
by Im Vk December 09, 2009
Also a lame alcopop which is consumed by slappers and gay men, or men who have sexual issues that need addressing.
Clubber: Can I have a VK blue please?
Barman: What are you some kind of poof?
Clubber: You messed up my hair you bitch!
by Kit Shicker February 22, 2003
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