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Victed ; pronounced (vikt-ed)
v. vict·ed, vict·ing, vict's

1. A slang word assuring that someone will NOT do something they promise.

2. Getting a promise's from people who never follow through.

3. Indication of future let downs: a player of false promise.

4. Getting burned by the same person over and over.
#1 "Ay Buddy, I thought your friend was gonna help you pick up your new furniture today?"

#2 "So he said, he never showed or even bothered to call."

#1 "Looks like he VICTED you again."

#2 "Lately it seems , he's been VICTING me a lot !"

#1 " Don't feel bad, he VIC'S me all the time!"
by Grooveland June 25, 2009
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