The movie format that cool kids use. When a vhs finally goes bad, which rarely EVER happens you can stretch out the tape and wear it as a necklace, can DVDs do that? I don't think so.
Boring kid: Hey wanna watch Transformers, I just got it on DVD

Cool kid: Why do that when we could watch my VHS copy of Breakfast at tiffanys?
by honey-yvonne July 28, 2009
Vertical Helical Scan
i watched some awesome VHS movies on my Walmart edition VCR. IT ROCKED!
by pissedmypants May 27, 2004
A brilliant and long-admired home entertainment system, currently endangered by fuck-witted, easily-impressed townie wankers who cream in their jeans at the sight of a piddly little silver disc that actually contains a FILM. Like, wow. Get a fucking life.
"I watched Last House On The Left last night on VHS and I shat myself"
by Doll Revolution July 11, 2003
Vista High School

this school is located in the USA in the state of CA in the county of SD in the city of Vista with the zip code 92084.
VHS football
by xANAxxandxxDONNYx January 31, 2011
a way to watch movies that is much better than DVDs. i mean what's the point of watching a movie on a little disc that's going to get scratched and ruin the whole movie. it's stupid to use them
VHS is always the way to go, they last much longer and don't get ruined as easily
by FrankTheBunny131 August 28, 2005
Video Home System. A format that plays video on analog tape instead of the ones and zeros on DVDs, giving the picture a more saturated "film" look whereas on DVD the picture looks washed out with paler fleshtones and exaggerated highlights, but that's ok because it comes with hours of extras instead of the movie itself like a director setting up a shot and kissing Hollywood ass.
There will always be a place for VHS in porn.
by madmaxxx March 12, 2005
a woman born before 1985 that has a nice smile and you would believe that she has a nice vagina. a Vertical smile and horizontal smile VHS
i bet that chick has VHS.
by slamjammah July 08, 2011

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