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1. Utu (noun)
The phenomenon of a penis falling off of its regular place.

2. Utu (verb)
To intentionally make someone's penis fall off of its regular place
1. Utu ( noun )
Eric underwent utu at the age of 5.

2. Utu ( verb )

Daniel utued Eric when Eric was 5.
by Suzy's BF March 20, 2011
Sentence filler. Can be used in multiple languages including Macedonian. Commonly used in awkward situations. Can also mean, a cat's hairy tail.
Person A: Hey
Person B: Hey
Person A: How are you?
Person B: Good thanks!

5 mins later.......
Person A: Utu.......
Person B: Why'd you say a cat's tail?
Person A: I meant it as in..... oh never mind.
by Zacii November 06, 2011
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