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What 'colored' people call singers who are named "Usher."
Ursher got the voice to make yo booty go *SLAP*!
by Oz May 14, 2004
Just a similar way of saying the name of the popular artist, 'Usher'; What Ludacris calls him.
Take that, rewind it back
Ursher got the voice that make your booty go -smack-
by OMGLOLZZ February 20, 2005
An alt. pronunciation for the music artist Usher.
Southern Black American slang... poss. creole inf.
Also similar to 'right thuur'in its derivation from standard english to an urban term in both pronunciation and locality.
Ursher's got the voice that makes the bootay go smack.
by Brion December 09, 2004
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