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An alt. pronunciation for the music artist Usher.
Southern Black American slang... poss. creole inf.
Also similar to 'right thuur'in its derivation from standard english to an urban term in both pronunciation and locality.
Ursher's got the voice that makes the bootay go smack.
by Brion December 09, 2004
1942- American coll.
A deviation of razzle-dazzle.
1..Something that is gaudy in action or display.
2..Something outdated.
That sequin hat with its fether is perfect for mardi-grais, but for the opera it is really quite razzmatazz.
Who wears spats anymore, they are really quite razzamatazz.
by Brion December 09, 2004
carpool lane, HOV lane.
Cali. coll. early 90's
A refrence to the symbol painted on the roadway a diomand to show that the lane is designated to carpoolers (cars with more than 2 or 3 people).
hey, get into the diomand lane! we dont nee to wait in traffic we are carpooling.
by Brion December 09, 2004
English slang.
a crackin judy is a hott girl.
Man, look at that crackin judy. I'd give anything to pull that.
by Brion December 09, 2004

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