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2 definitions by SezJoy

Surfing the internet while drinking or drunk. Usually results in poor decision making in regards to social networking, online shopping and giving out personal email addresses or information.
We were drinkerneting on friday night and took me til monday to recover, when I discovered I'd posted dirty messages on facebook, ordered 6 dozen 'buddy jesus' figurines and was getting emails and phone calls from Nigeria...
And boy was my keyboard sticky.
by SezJoy January 25, 2011
Adj. To feel bleh or meh
Kate: Urg... Adj. To feel bleh or meh... Hahaha... Give it 5 years... This entry will exist in print...

SezJoy: Already does: www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=urg
Yours is there now too x
by SezJoy November 09, 2010