A website that was probalby intended to be helpful, but "trolls" have destroyed any possibility of it. It currently stand about 1 part usefulness to 8 parts jackasses.
Oh I hate this kid... but I'm too wussy
to face him in real life... Ooooh! Urbandictionary.com! Destroy!
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
verb: to idiotically look up the definition of the source in which you are looking up definitions.

noun: 1. a man dressed in drag. 2. the website urbandictionary.com
that urbandictionary.com urbandictionary.com'd on urbandictionary.com !
by HappyHenry35 June 25, 2004
Your on the website you moron. You didn't have anything better to do because none of your facebook friends are on, you lost your phone and your Xbox has the Red Ring Of Death so you can't play CoD.
I never had any thing better to do so i'm going on urbandictionary.com, since i'm a faggot, maybe i'll look up Urbandictionary.com
by IcorrectUrbanDictionaryFaggots January 04, 2011
A website created for those who aren't up to date on urban lingo. It was a good idea. But all the chuckleheads that use it just to make racist comments and salnder people they know make it something rather irritating. Most words do have good definitions but others that relate to race, gender, religious beliefs, and sexual preferences, tend to be very prejudiced.
Let's all go on urbandictionary.com to make fun of people and be racist!!
by Youdon'tneedtoknowmyname June 12, 2009
A website that makes sense of the degradation of the English language
I have no idea what that ignorant moron was babbling about, so I had to use urbandictionary.com to translate it.
by Sheepel July 18, 2011
by D u b l i n January 26, 2010
an ostensibly wonderful collaborative web effort, to define existing slang as well as coin new terms, which in reality is a scam that steals our contributions and prints them on mugs that cost $19.95.
the reason i posted that thing on urbandictionary.com was to make the most ironic purchase of my life.
by ms. communication July 26, 2009

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