A linguistic documentation of the downfall of denotation in favor of a rather inconstant shifting connotation driven by primal drives, racism, and the ancient Greek rules for pederasty; where any word can move from radical signifier to slang in a matter of nanoseconds; the collapsing of all words to the signification of faggot.
double plus good l33t speak on urbandictionary.com
by R. Gibson July 19, 2003
A Website for little boys or girls so when a person older than them says a slang term or something they know what they are talking about.
AdultTo other adult : Whoa shit , she got some badonkadonk!
Other Adult : I think i need to wank.
Little GirlTo other adult: What did you do to my puppy ,Wankie ?
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
A place where mostly sexual terms are defined.

The admins are FUCKING RETARDS, who don't delete offensive things.
Have you looked up anything on urbandictionary.com? It's false, and extremely offensive!
by 12345678910101010 June 23, 2011

A website that is ironically mostly accompanied by suburban white people, because black people are often too busy creating slang, not defining it.
Suburban white guy 1: Dude, like, let's go on urbandictionary.com, and like, make fun of niggers!!!

Suburban white guy 2: Hell yeah dude!! like, fuck niggers!!

Black guy: Fuck you just say bitch?

(white guy 1&2 simultaneously pissing their pants): NOTHING!!!
by Javito_1 October 12, 2010
A place that everyone I know has found by accident. I'm not lying, seriously.
I looked up ionno on google.com and a website called urbandictionary.com popped up. I've been addicted ever since.

~jb proud UD Author and Subscriber since summer 2010.
by Jay*Bee* August 17, 2010
A website that allows you to search words not normally found on any other dictionary-like website.
I think I like urbandictionary.com better than dictionary.com
by WOAHkupkakez100 June 14, 2010
Great website used to define slang words/terms. Terms are posted by bloggers. Many terms are accurate.
The website is getting overrun by sex terms that don't even exist: Greek Soldier? Irish Blumpkin? The site is also getting overrun by drinking terms
1:Hey whats a crackass

2:I looked it up on Urbandictionary.com, it means an idiot

1:Oh sweet, what's an Irish Blumpkin?

2: GTFO you crackass...
by Mad Jak March 04, 2009

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