A website mangaged by dumbass editors that dont publish anything and make me waste my time and effort. These slow motherfuckers that run this site have no sense of humor and made a website that couldve been fun dull and garbage. I'm never gonna use this piece of junk site again.
Urbandictionary.com is run by 5 year olds
by Tha Truth 58595 February 08, 2010
Oh, come on! This doesn't need a definiton.
If you don't know what urbandictionary.com is, I think it's pretty safe to bet on the fact that you have recently been cracked in the back of the head with something heavy. Verrrry heavy.
by GinnyPotter August 03, 2007
A website I found when I did a search for 'urban slang' so I can understand what the heck today's black youth are talking and singing about.
What does shizzle, hizzle, fizzle or whatever mean? Maybe I can find out at urbandictionary.com...
by MD August 08, 2004
a site for people at school or at home if they have nothing better to do which would be sad . to add insults about gay people
go to urbandictionary.com and define goarlmas
by STEVEDAVE December 09, 2003
A publically world wide wesbite where anonymous uses can post and read extremely defiling insults regardning Chase Rodrigue
I am going to have fun at UrbanDictionary.com
See 'explosive diarhhea'
by Tyler February 01, 2003
The site where people of the entire world can come together, and laugh their asses off while high. awesome
Bob: Dude, after toking I totally was stuck on Urbandictionary.com

Bob2: Awwweesome man
by yo, high August 20, 2011
A place that everyone I know has found by accident. I'm not lying, seriously.
I looked up ionno on google.com and a website called urbandictionary.com popped up. I've been addicted ever since.

~jb proud UD Author and Subscriber since summer 2010.
by Jay*Bee* August 17, 2010
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