Noun - A website orrigonally designed as a dictionary for people to post slang termanology. However the lack of Filter or monitoring makes it a soapbox for people to complain about things (see for an example post.) Because of it's community of people who have become intoxicated by internet anonyminity, it has mostly become ANOTHER place where people hold pointless and petty arguments that acomplish nothing.
Example 1: would be good if retards didn't post there

Example 2: Rather than posting a real definition on I'm gonna argue one of a million completely retarded points.

Example 3: Yes, I am aware of the irony of posting a rant on about how people should stop posting rants on No need to comment on that

it's urban "Dictionary." Not urban "Be a bitch and whine about things."
by Untitled Document June 29, 2006
Website where the majority of users appear to be white, liberal, atheistic males. Users define any word known to man with either a biased opinion, or an inside joke.
The highest voted definition of the word "Religion" found on

"The biggest lie in human history. It has been responsible for more deaths throughout human history than all other unnatural causes combined. For a thousand years the Church was a tyrannical dictatorship that used religion to control the uneducated masses. Free your minds and come into the 21st century"

-Obviously, this is a biased view, most likely coming from an atheist.
by Atheistic Liberal November 07, 2010
A website where proper grammar and spelling don't exist. Also a good way to bash people you hate and support those you love.
-Oh, look. I found a crappy definition on What should I do?
-Just hit the recommend for deletion button...
by RatchetBoo June 04, 2003
a website that sells your name to numerous porn sites when you try to submit a deffinition
similar to if hitler was running this website
by josh September 20, 2004
A somewhat racist and predominately Caucasian site dedicated to bashing, hating, criticizing, random displays of vulgar and demeaning bigotry. A site where women and all ethnic groups are not respected....(In lamest terms...the site pretty much sucks lol)
"Hey do u go on"
"Naw...for wat?...U can get that same stuff at a KKK meeting."
(Both)..."LOL...tru tru."
by DaTruth09 May 27, 2009
corrupted website where assholes go to write about other people which is so innapropriate and mean that who ever writes shit should be punnished this website is the worst website ever created i hope the reators of this website burn in fucking hell!!!!!!!
fuckers assholes and more fuckers made this website!!!!
by corey vanderpoel April 18, 2005

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