Where angry liberal teenagers go to rant about things they have no idea about.
Case and point, search 'Republican' on UrbanDictionary.com, and read about how they're the greatest form of evil in the world. Then, search 'Democrat' and read about how they are holy.
by SREYMSEW January 27, 2009
Well, you should know. Unless you are stupid.:/
You are looking at a definition on urban dictionary.com.
by uh i dunno December 29, 2004
A website where people go to look up slang words. Mostly used by middle-school-aged people to post random messages on, or assholes who subject everyone to their opinion.
urbandictionary.com is cool when used properly..
by pikaleea August 20, 2004
a site that makes me lose hope in todays youth even though im a part of them.
i made some words at urbandictionary.com, but these kids are so messed up it sickens me...
by corndizzle September 23, 2004
hmm.. interesting, many people on this site are hypocrits. YOU think you can hide by saying racist comments, cmon seriously picking people to be editors is pretty foolish. i dont care if this isnt added. as long as someone reads it and is a reasonable person im happy. i just want the reader to know the effect it has on everyone.

Ever tried searching your race?Religon?skin colour?language?your god? I have. you cannot find one of these pages without a single racist comment. How would you feel if someone was rude to you? Of course you would not like it. I am a muslim and have searched the words,"allah". "muslim". arab" everything you can think of. I respect that people are entitled to their opinion and have a right to speak, but this comes with responsibility; try searching those words and see the horrid, hurtful, tearful, pathetic and annoying.

It can stop now! YOU can do your part. just follow the rules and do not counter-definiton someone who is hurtful towards you or something to do with you, all you need to do is ignore this and make at least (this idea came from a very amazing tear jerking film called pay it forward, must see!) 3 very good, funny, rule obeying definitions. People see this and they make 3 good definitions, it gets bigger and bigger and bigger! It really works, never doubt it, just have faith with yourself and others.

thanks for taking your time to read it.
Dont be part of the problem, be part of the solutin; make urbandictionary.com a funny place, a happy place, a REAL urban dictionary.
by PorkStork March 27, 2007
Noun - a website where people go to find definitions for common racial stereotypes, euphemisms or acronyms which they are too ashamed to ask their friends the meaning for. Usually used by those who do not want to be seen as 'uncool' or 'retarded' for not knowing the meaning of a commonly used racial stereotype, euphemism or acronym.

Verb - To find the meaning of a commonly used racial stereotype, euphemism, or acronym with the aide of urbandictionary.com. Usually shortened to 'urbandictionary'.
Noun -

"So I was totally felching this one girl, right..."

"Damn! I need to go to urbandictionary.com for that one!"

Verb -

"He had a fucking boner!"

"Ha! I know what that shit means 'cause I know how to urbandictionary, bitch!"
by Sociopathy March 22, 2010
A web site where you can create your own definitions to common words so as to comment on society, which are then deleted by those people who are offended by the truth.
I wish urbandictionary.com would tell you when enough people dislike your definition and want it dead.
by Killing Kittens October 14, 2004

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