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updations means to update someone on the progress of a particular endeavour
Please forward me your updations on Project finkle.
by Matt August 18, 2004
14 31
A slang word derived from the word 'update' that applies solely to juicy new information someone has on drama or their love life.
Megan was asked out by the love of her life, and upon running into Alison in the hall at work, told her that they needed to have an updation sesh over coffee. Little did she know, Alison had an an even juicier updation about her new job.
by Ida Diseno September 12, 2011
6 24
The process of updating.
During database updation, sales transactions are applied to inventory.
by recursional January 10, 2011
6 32
Alternative word for "update", this one fits much better.
Can you please give me an updation on the situation
by TheDufster March 15, 2005
22 107