Known for having 12 National Championships (The NCAA gives us 17). 51 Bowl Appearances and 29 bowl wins (Both Records). 21 SEC Championships. The Greatest Football Coach of all time. U of A is no Harvard but is a Quality institution. But who counts how many College Jeopardy Championships you have.
Alabama has the the greatest football tradition. Some people complain about how we live in the past. But when you have a past to live in it is different.
by Luap Sille May 03, 2005
The University of Alabama is the greatest school in the country. Everyone should bow down to us and suck our dicks because if you don't attend the University of Alcohol you basically suck. Not only are our parties crazier than anywhere else, we've won 13 national championships so suck it.
Auburn sucks because they can't live up to the University of Alabama even though they try so hard.
by tightpussies May 01, 2010
n: a terrible college in a terrible town where all the kids who couldn't get into a better college go to get wasted all the time. Typical activities of an Alabama student include: getting coked up, drinking heavily, talking about the very dead "Bear" Bryant, and generally acting like a dumbass- they all wish they were smart enough to go to Auburn.
Dude, I'm legally retarded, and even though I only have a 2nd grade education and I am married to my sister, I still got a scholarship to Alabama!
by Philip J. McKrackin June 17, 2005
The University of Alabama is a state funded college in the state of Alabama. Basically, it sucks donkey balls for pesos. They got abandoned by one football coach and then had to fire another because he hired a whore. Their football team sucks. They have a mascot of an elephant, yet their battle call is "Roll Tide" What the fuck is a tide? Are they gonna do our laundry?
University of Alabama lost to Auburn 17-7.
by Lurch May 04, 2003
n 1: A group of athletes known for mediocrity. 2: Educational institute notorious for large quantities of blow and high school dropouts. Vb 1: To live in the past, preferably between (1958-1982) without being alive or having knowledge of this time period.
Did you see the University of Alabama get waxed by the Wisconsin-Milwaukee? No bro, lets go do some nose and then talk about Coach Paul William Bryant.
by Paul W Bryant March 18, 2005
a university in alabama known for mediocre football teams and average academics. the only decent thing about this clown suit of a school is that there are some pretty hot ass bitches that hang around the campus.
i would rather eat a shit sandwich than attend the university of alabama
by troy October 31, 2003
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