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The biggest four year party you will ever attend.

The most beautiful shit hole in Georgia.
University of West Georgia: Majors include pre engineering, beer pong, education, beer pong, business, beer pong, music, and beer pong.
by universityofwestgeorgia October 30, 2008
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A "college" located in Carrollton, GA. where if you attend you will spend your time either drunk or high. If a student, you will find your self at any of the three bars around here LastCall, The Pub, or The Den(the name varies depending on how recently they lost their alcohol licenses) and of course there is Greek Village where if at the PIKE house you will get ruffie for sure. This place deff turns the good girls go bad. Invested with random cats and squirells. The longest four year party of your life.
BOB: "she went to the University of West Georgia"
John: "is that short for she has an STD now?"
by dresstoomuchshoes October 05, 2009
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