University of Texas is for rejected IVE league-wanna-be-bound Students who had to resort to a fallback school whose colors are burnt orange( being the colors babies shit out their ass), with a mascot being a cow (should we be shaking of fear?)-way to represent the state of Texas guys. A&M has a dog that could possibly have an aggressive aspect to it, and thank god at LEAST one of the Texas schools represented in the big12 has a mascot with a GUN huge props TEXAS TECH.

In the middle of a city, the campus is stacked up upon itself purposely so students who are hippie-mary j smoking freaks have something to look at while discussing their liberal beliefs in the conservative southern part of the country. HEY smart asses, if you all were so smart why didn’t you just go up north and bitch about liberal politics up there? Oh wait you WERENT smart enough to go there that right, my bad.

All the fruits attend this school in hopes that it will boost their ego and self esteem.-when it wont. Just makes them look even gayer.

Texas thinks they are the shit. Even though this past year the only team they couldnt beat in football was Texas tech university- way to get owned after all yalls shit talking HA. UT students think they are so smart-especially when they dare to consistently make fun of other schools such as A&M and TexasTech for example; ranting about how low their grades are and hope stupid they are when in REALITY there’s probably more STDs floating around UT Campus due to the anal-hippie-lovin-gay-sex, then what goes on up in Lubbock.

And oh wait, sorry Other Texas schools don’t suck cock for good grades and money to stay at UT.

UT is over rated. they need to get the long horns that are so stuck up their ass its causing stupidity due to glorifying their cult of orange shit-cow praising-anal fucking 'AWESOMENESS' YOU go UT woo!-Not.
Jim: Hey man where you go to school that allows me to wear colors that babys shit out their ass and so i can be a snobby cock-sucking homo?

Bob: dude University of Texas all the way man. its the biggest over rated school EVER. best part. your mascot is a cow.

by BAMFJen101 March 05, 2009
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- The Best Damn University in the nation
- One of the largest Universities in the nation.
- Home of the one of the most elite football programs in the nation who is always ranked in the top 10.
- Home to one of the best basketball squads in the nation.
- Only school in the nation to boast a top 10 football, basketball, baseball and women's basketball program. "We're Texas".
- School that owns the poor aggies in every possible sport except women's soccer.
- Also referred to as "Texas", "UT" and "UTexas".
The University of Texas owns!
by CorporationX January 26, 2005
1) school of higher education in austin
2) home to some of the best sports programs in the nation, great music, and diversity
3) we're texas!
1) i wish i was cool enough to go to the university of texas.
2) the university of texas is better than texas a&m.
by kate March 27, 2005
The best damn college in the state of Texas, and one of the Top public schools in the united states. Outstanding athletics, genius students.... what's not to like?!??!
The eyes of texas are upon you when you come to the University of Texas.
by Matt432423 November 03, 2006
I wonder if those guys talking shit got accepted by UT. Sure sounds like theyre the ones in Ivy League schools. UT is actually a Public Ivy. Its impossible for UT to be an ivy league university being that the ivy league is in a specific demographic location.

What do aggies and longhorns have in common? They both applied to UT.

I would talk about Tech but theyre tier 3 and were on the brink of losing the title of "university" this year so I'll leave them out for their own good- "Get your grades up"

The original eight Public Ivies list by Moll:

* College of William & Mary (Williamsburg, Virginia)
* Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)
* University of California
* University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
* University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
* University of Texas at Austin
* University of Vermont (Burlington)
* University of Virginia (Charlottesville)
by fnejnfbf April 17, 2009
A large, public university located in the city of Austin.

Commonly referred to as UT.

The only thing larger than the size of this school may be their ego. UT students think they are the best school in the state, and greatly look down upon Texas A&M. Many UT kids believe that the A&M students are just UT rejects, but in reality the Aggies are the ones who got accepted into both schools and chose the one in which provides a great education, a humble and friendly group of students, and an overall more welcoming and safe environment. Plus, Maroon beats Burnt Orange any day of the week.
Me: I'm going to Texas A&M.
Longhorn: you must've been rejected from the University of Texas.
Me: Actually I was accepted into the University of Texas. It was my fallback school in case I didn't get into A&M. Now please, go change out of that burnt orange shirt before I stab a fork into my eye.
by NMarshall July 12, 2016
University of Texas: A large state flagship university located in Austin, Texas. Enrollment = ~50,000. Metro population 2011 = ~ 1.6 million.

1. A once great school that has become a corporation. An institution that has left its roots and mission to pursue the almighty dollar to the detriment of the people of Texas.

2. A school rightly loved by its alums and adored by millions of Tshirt fans than can't read past the sixth grade. Note: Things about UT that are thoughtful that will usually by an alum. The junk by a tshirter.

3. A school that high performing TEXAS kids from upper middle income suburban homes can rarely hope to get into. The dorks in this socio economic group are going to Texas A&M, the partyers are going to Texas State and the independent "I'll do my own thing' types are going to Tech.

4. Most alums of UT that graduated in the 70's, 80's and early 90's from upper middle class suburban Texas would not be allowed in today. UT would have to give grant and funds to the very demographic its left wing leadership despise.

5. Has the UT leadership even thought of what is going to happen when many future alums are from Bangalore, India or Beijing China. Are they going to attend UT games, donate money to the school , go to a UT game today. UT's 100,000 fans make less noise than aTm's 80,000 and less than Tech' 60,000. You know why. UT fans are old and stale.
Plano: What do you mean I cant get a grant for going to the University of Texas. WTF I got accepted to Rice but UT is not offering a dime. So, I live in Plano and my mom and dad make 100,000 a year. Tech is offering a full ride and aTm is giving me two years but UT nothing.

Beijing, China. "Mother I have been accepted to the University of Texas". Yes, son it will be very expensive but we will have help paying for it. Will you bring me back a cowboy hat.
by texasfan85 December 19, 2011
1. A school known primaryily for its football, though it has three less national titles than it's superior rivals Oklahoma.

2. A school embarrassingly immune to logical or coherant thought, most exemplified by the God-awful nickname of it's mascot, BEVO!!!
Guy 1: God, who thought Bevo would be a good name for a mascot?

Guy 2: The University of Texas.

Guy 1: Oh, well that makes sense now.
by How does 5-7 taste? December 07, 2010
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