A term used to describe a person who, at work, magically dissappears and reappears throughtout the work, leaving you and your co-workers wondering where they go to waste time.
"Hey Jim, have you seen Corky?"
"No, he's unicorning again, there's no telling what he's up to."
by cj2liz February 11, 2015
When someone ties (or whatever you prefer) a horn around his/hers head and sticks it in a vagina.

Once one has finished this process it is called Unicorned.
Bob: Baby wana see what unicorn-ing is?

Marissa: What's that?

Bob: oh you'll see.....

Marissa: WOW! that was great!

Bob: ikr, how do you like being unicorned?
by IPityTheFoo November 16, 2011
To fist a girl in the anal region or in the vaginal area with your middle finger sticking up.
Hey babe, I'm gonna be unicorning you all night long
by TheTaterBater March 18, 2015
The new hottest dance move sweeping America, Oceania and the rest of the world. Chicks gobble your weiner after you unicorn.
Hot Girl: Damn look at that boy unicorning all over the place.

Hot Girl 2: Lets double team him.
by Chamster November 01, 2009
Wearing a rubber mask and posing in front of national monuments, cruising through inappropriate venues (funerals, banks, day care centers), dancing at musical festivals, sight-seeing, doing tourist stuff and also everyday things like going to Costco to get samples of food.
by TheUnicornArmy August 07, 2013
To put up a shelf and, upon relative completion, have parts of the shelf remaining, whereupon they are put in to a jar. Over time the jar becomes the repository for remaining shelf bits.
Barry: "Why do you have a jar full of screws and stuff?"
Henrietta: "Unicorning"
Barry: "Oh right, yeah, I've got a unicorning jar myself"
Henrietta: "All your jar are belong to us"
Barry: *Haggard gasping for breath"

Eric swung the gossamer blade in a vicious arc, severing the bonds binding them. The unicorning was almost complete, time seeped away, tendrils of acrid smoke rose from the tower. The dread lord Peter had been unicorning for years, and had perfected his unicorning to an art.
by A Nighthawks Odd Term March 04, 2012
Placing your hand apon your head with your index finger placed straight outright like a unicorns horn. either used to stimulate the vigina or anus. while the mouth pulls a raspberry into the opposite hole.
Also known as a "Unicorn"
"Have you ever been to the hut in hook? all sorts of things go on there. even unicorning."
by TomMurtha June 04, 2007

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