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A big red fuck
That gigantic red hairy monster that often chased bugs bunny.
A cobweb on a bush
Gossamer was trying to rape me, so i ran away and hid in a bush that was covered in gossamers.
by Senor Gossamer March 27, 2008
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When you spew something completely random, non-sequitor, or out of context in the middle of a conversation.

see also: gossamerfawn
Mary: Anyway, that's why I had to go to the doctor.
Bob: But why DO goats need to eat?
Mary: ...what?
Bob: Sorry.... That was a gossamer.
by Anonse7en June 13, 2011
Soneone who can touch you, feel you up, or steal stuff that's in your hands wuthout you noticing or feeling them. Usually thieves or perverts, however sometimes there skills come in handy.
John: Dude, your girlfriend has your phone.

Charles: What I was just texting someone!

John: Hahaha, your bae is a gossamer.

Charles: ... never say bae again.
by The Masq September 04, 2014
A very weak, easyly pushed around person who cant think for him/her self.
That reforee was such a gossamer, he let the players make his calls and push him around.
by Phillstick June 10, 2008

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