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A non-Jewish Middle Eastern-American who bends over backwards to prove how American he is. Derived from "Uncle Tom."
Mo's indie rock friend #1: Did you see Mo get all weird when we introduced him to that hot Syrian chick?
#2: I know, as soon as she asked him what "Mo" was short for, he turned as red as a twice-used maxi pad.
#1: For real! I had to tell her it was short for "Mohamed."
#2: When will he realize "Mo" is the toupee of all nicknames?
#1: (scoffs) I love him more than I love Guided By Voices, but he's such an Uncle

by Self-Hating Hipster July 26, 2005
Taking feshafide (shitty) underware and putting them on someones head while they are resting.
One night when I was wasted at a college party, after mak'n lov' to this skanky ho i gave her a uncle sam
by samsonite July 20, 2003
This is when you titty fuck a female and bust a nut on her chin, so the nut drips off her chin forming a white beard.
I gave nicole an uncle sam.
by hoto March 06, 2005
A movie from the makers of Jack Frost and Maniac Cop.
Uncle Sam has a cool holographic poster.
by MK Ultra supersoldier January 01, 2005
An Uncle Sam is when a girl shits while you are eating her pussy and you wind up with a shit goatee.
That little fart she tried to squeeze out while I ate her pussy, turned into an Uncle Sam. I have never looked all that good with a goatee.
by Circle Jerk December 30, 2007