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Dipping your penis in a mixture of salsa, sour cream, and tabasco then repeatedly pounding your woman in the vagina until her clitoris turns bright red. Eventually jizzing on a whole-wheat tortilla feeding it to her as she cums.
Last night I gave my girlfriend a Sanchez Slammer until her eyes popped out of her sockets.
by M-Chill December 19, 2012
A female who only sleeps and eats dick all day similar to the daily routine of the world's favorite marsupial.
"Katrina needs to get a job and stop being a dirty koala."
by M-Chill December 21, 2012
The sexual act of vibrating the pussy so fast that it creates a humming sound.
We tried for hours, but i finally heard the Kansas Kazoo. She screamed with pleasure so loud her jaw popped out.
by M-Chill December 21, 2012
The dangerous act of masturbating on a thoroughbred horse as it gallops at full speed across a prairie.
Boy 1: "Wow, he's become a pro at the Dickson Derby."
Boy 2: "I know, look at him go."
by M-Chill December 19, 2012
A bipolar or overly emotional female who has a fishy vaginal odor.
"Damn, Samantha sure is a Moody Marlin today."
by M-Chill December 21, 2012
The action of shooting your load into a girl's mouth full of feta cheese.
"The best part of my trip to Greece was giving seven Greek Geysers."
by M-Chill December 19, 2012
The sexual act of placing a curved penis between a pair of pointed breasts, while deeply moaning and scuffing the right leg against a hard surface. This arousement will increase nipple and girth size causing the woman to see a close-up image of a triceratops.
"Last night my best friend's girlfriend said she saw a Triceracox"
by M-Chill December 19, 2012

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