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The premiere way to attract and abduct children.
Hey little girl, get into my candy van!
by JDW May 03, 2005
Originates from Scotch Plains, NJ. One partner gargles coffee, tea, or milk while the other dunks his balls into her mouth.
We always make a mess when Lisa gives me a dunkin' delight.
by JDW May 02, 2005
The solution to the world power crisis.
We're running low on power, shovel a few more of those small children into the furnace will you?
by JDW May 02, 2005
Originates from Rutgers Camden. States that men are fixated on certain things because of their roundness. This encompasses, breasts, all manner of sport balls, bald heads, streetlights. The circle theory states that men in history and entertainment who want to dominate the world have this desire because it is round.
I guess you could prove I like tennis balls because of the circle theory.
by JDW May 09, 2005
Origin: Six Months to Live on Channel101.com. A fantastical ass made of sweet confection that would theoretically cause everyone to fall in love with the owner, would solve problems, and can enable one to fly.
I don't need a caramel ass when I've got friends like you.
by JDW May 11, 2005
The ultimate combo move. Instruct her to gargle blue Powerade when getting head than begin the procedure for a jelly doughnut. Make her laugh to create an angry dragon and finish by saluting and humming the star-spangled banner.
The uncle sam is my favourite patriotic theme sex move, even if it does turn her tongue blue.
by JDW May 02, 2005
The former govenor of New Jersey, James McGreevey, who resigned from office due to a totally different scandal.
I don't care if your govenor is the Terminator, we were the first state to be governed by a gay American.
by JDW May 04, 2005

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