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The poor man's Gatorade.
Wow! 32 ounces of Powerade is 89 cents. That's a shitload cheaper than 32 ounces of Gatorade which costs $1.39
by Ghettoman August 13, 2003
Now avaliable at McDonald's. I get a huge cup with no ice. Seriously, who drinks Powerade with ice?
I just need one more Monopoly piece to get an Xbox! I'm gonna go buy a Powerade and some fries. I bet everyone on earth has a chance of getting the piece I have and like 500 get the other one.
by kaze2k5 November 06, 2003
the drink were the cheap ass owners ripped off 99% of gatorade's name and flavor and called it their own.
lets take gatorade change its name add 1 flavor and call it our own bitches
by Legenocide October 27, 2004
Some Random Drink Kurt enjoys at college
from the Coke vending machine for a £1, he only like the blue one not the green one never green always blue lol and he don't like cheese but he always eats cheese potato chips or crisps in britain lol
Some Random Drink That costs a £1 in the Coke vending machine!.
by James "Mr X" Smith January 17, 2004
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