This is a black person, who acts like an adult and has over a fifth grade education. Usually they end up getting shot by a member of their own race for speaking proper English and having a job that pays well that does not involve illegal drugs.
Dam, nigga. Dat Martin Luther King be an Uncle Tom. Fuck dat nigga and dat nigga Malcolm X. I be bustin a cap in any niggaz that be tryin to improves the lifes of de black peeple.
by Gay Romantic August 16, 2007
Originaly used to describe a black man or woman who acted white or was subserveant to whites. but expanded to include any one who sells them selves out or pretends to be something they are not.
"that girl wants you to think shes the best and baddest, but shes just a bitchy uncle tom"
by john April 29, 2003
A black man who kisses people asses.
Teacher: Get out of the class! You're causing an uproar.
Person 1: Fine miss.
Person 2: Don't listen to her you bitch. You remind me of my Uncle Tom.
by Geovanni June 14, 2008
The friendly uncle who molested you when you were a child who might make you a treky.
Ashton had an uncle tom now that is why he is a homoTrektual
by The uncle tom March 15, 2010
It is sometimes used to signal a woman's Time Of Month.
Girl 1: OH NO, Uncle Tom is visiting me ):
Girl 2: Sucks for you /:
by LKDFHOGVZ May 29, 2009
Chris Rock.
Chris Rock is an Uncle Tom.
by Chris Rock's publicity agent. February 18, 2009
The old man across the street from the 1191 balcony.
Look! It's Uncle Tom grilling up some grub!
by joec February 02, 2005

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