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When you think you are about to succeed in something, but then fuck up big time...
The bald man thought he had succeeded in hosting Miss America pageant however at the end of the show he pulled a Steve Harvey and crowned the wrong winner
by BDON D. eeznuts April 25, 2016
Get a woman right on the brink of cumming, then stop and fart really loud while making the family feud X "wrong" noise. Then get the fuck out of there.
Things were getting pretty hot and heavy with Ashlee, then I Steve Harveyed her and got the fuck out of there.
by JoeyDiamond27 April 19, 2016
When you mislead someone, making it appear as something is going great and then telling them you lied
He got Steve Harvey-ed when they told him he had won the lottery.
by Narwhal Kings April 01, 2016
(adj. , Figurative)
To misspeak, or make a mistake so bad that you offend entire nations.
Man, I really Steve Harvey'd that one...

John was pretty sure he had Steve Harvey'd his business presentation.
via giphy
by MadMarchy March 31, 2016
to make a major, unexpected plot twist.
In order to create a good plotline, you must pull a Steve Harvey.
by freckled-trash March 31, 2016
A bald headed nigga that resembles mister potato head, he is so ugly it hurts. He also achieved the award for taking a foot long subway sub sandwich up his ass.
hi im steve harvey and i have an abnormally large head
#booty #twerk #dank #like #tit
by zachg850 August 26, 2013
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