It is sometimes used to signal a woman's Time Of Month.
Girl 1: OH NO, Uncle Tom is visiting me ):
Girl 2: Sucks for you /:
by LKDFHOGVZ May 29, 2009
The old man across the street from the 1191 balcony.
Look! It's Uncle Tom grilling up some grub!
by joec February 02, 2005
A black person who is in with both blacks and whites (or vice versa). Not necessarily a person who betrays their own race.
"My boy future is an Uncle Tom" - B. Rabbit (8 Mile)
by Dark Rat January 28, 2005
A black person who is to like a white person and doesn't talk to blacks. A racsist term.
Vince is an Uncle Tom!
by Jamal April 17, 2004
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