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A term describing the deliberate removal of a person from a circle of friends, acquaintances, or group of people. A Google+ equivalent to an "unfriending" on facebook.
That chick kept posting so many annoying posts that I had to uncircle her.

Keep sending me crap on Google+ and I'm going to uncircle you.
by Teuszday July 14, 2011
To get rid of someone from your Google+ Circles. The Google+ equivalent of de-friending on Facebook.
That skank just uncircled me.
by Kronnn July 14, 2011
The act of removing a friend from your Google+ account.
I uncircled you before G+ was even public.
by bondfire July 14, 2011
The act of removing someone from a Google+ "circle"
Wil Wheaton keeps posting so much stuff, I had to uncircle him on Google+
by SomeDick July 14, 2011
verb - to remove a person from one's Google Plus circles.
Past tense: uncircled.
Generative: uncircling.
Tony was being such a d-bag that I had to uncircle him.
by WildRyc July 14, 2011