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International People's Democractic Uhuru Movement is a socialist panafrican organization started by Yeshitela. The famous socialist hiphop group Dead Prez are members... I think.
Long live the Uhuru movement!
#international people's democractic uhuru movement #uhuru #yeshitela #dead prez #black power #socialism
by MaoZ March 24, 2006
Word from the Katamari games. The king of the universe often uses it.
Yay for a new star! Uhuru!
#katamari #uhuru #game #king #universe #princedom
by volcano_fl March 30, 2011
Racially inspired hate group that believes white Caucasians owe minorities money and respect.
That black man kept saying uhuru and demanding money from the old white guy.!
by demstrato May 12, 2016
a gropu of people (international democratic peoples uhuru movement) who try to bring equality to the world. Originally started in St. Petersburg FL with good intentions, but D.A.Ns started ruining their reputation by fighting with police and buring places down
Those Uhurus nowadays cause nothing but trouble because of a few ignorant africans ruining it all.
by Ichigo Kurosaki August 14, 2005
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