known as underage gash- someone who is of a younger age, usually annoying and immature, but still fuckable. The UG may feel they are mature, but they are not. They compensate the fact that they are immature by dressing like a slut, to seem older however, this is just an Illusion.
me:lottie is such a UG, just fuck that and leave
mike: wow i think im in love
me: bruv she just turnt 16 the otherday. dont let the UG powers draw you in
by UG buster May 26, 2010
Top Definition
a person who is so ugly they dont deserve the second syllable
eew, did you see her? she was and UG!
by Anonymous December 15, 2002
A guitar website based in Russia, so no American rules apply. Therefore, it cannot got shut down because of its tabs. Possibly the most awesome guitar website out there.
All those other tab sites got shut down but UG remains strong, because in soviet russia, tabs shut down you.
by thelivwhoplaysguitar April 14, 2008
An abbreviation for the greatest guitar website in existence. Created and run by zappp and based in Russia.
UG saved mah life, that's why I go to it every day!
by jackintehbox December 11, 2007
A species of sub-human that is characterised by extreme physical grotesqueness and a hideous pungent odour. (see also Uglord)
That ugly fuck definitely is an ug.
by Dr Ploppy July 29, 2003
Also an abbreviation to UnderGround
The lan was held in an UG parkment
by Ug Dog May 03, 2005
you gangsta
girl: heeeey u'g!
boy: wadup vanila face!
by G-LeeD March 13, 2010
a short word to call a person ugly
yo she mad ug look at her
by shietta July 11, 2005
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