known as underage gash- someone who is of a younger age, usually annoying and immature, but still fuckable. The UG may feel they are mature, but they are not. They compensate the fact that they are immature by dressing like a slut, to seem older however, this is just an Illusion.
me:lottie is such a UG, just fuck that and leave
mike: wow i think im in love
me: bruv she just turnt 16 the otherday. dont let the UG powers draw you in
by UG buster May 26, 2010
The sound made by a dramatic -swallowing saliva-.
UG. That was scary!
by kṣānti March 21, 2010
A person who is against main stream music or anything mainstream for that matter. There are all about the underground stuff. Hence UG. They also tend to preffer organic foods.
Oh yeah she's such an ug, she won't listen to top 40.
by LexAgo January 07, 2010
An endangered creature resembling a Neanderthal, one of the first humans to walk the earth. Known for a large forehead and compacted facial features they face much discrimination in today's world. Key identification characteristics include a unibrow and gorilla-like features. Please donate to help save the wild Ug from extinction.
On our trip to the Congo, we went in seach of the elusive Ug.
by Charles H. Darwin November 10, 2007
U.G. is short form for Ultimate Gay. See there's gay, and then there's ultimate gay. Two very different things. You can say your friend is 'ultimate gay' when they are or aren't gay, but act gayer then the gayest of gays.
Jeff: Oh my gosh, like look at the butt on that ramming bull! GRRRRRRRRR

Geoff: Buddy you're U.G.!!
by Mr. Forbes August 23, 2007
Ug is a grunt when you are disapproving or annoyed
1: What lesson do we have next?
2: Maths
1: Ug!
by Petal December 10, 2005
my friend that is so ugly we get tierd of saying ugly so much we call him ug
by the master af the clit June 13, 2003

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