a word used to describe constipation
"uuuggggggggggg" >_<
by thetree November 29, 2003
a word decribing some1 who is a mixture between ugly and a mug! if u want to call somebody an ugly mug, just call them an UG
you got one hell of an UG i tell ya, id get that checked out love!!!!
by james maloney June 15, 2007
Used in the state of watlington as a signification of alliegence to the posse.
Alright Del-ug, wheres jess-ug and Farn-ug?
by Leeug October 23, 2003
ug is a huge lover of trance music at
How much trance would an ug love trance if an ug trance could love trance?
by Tranceaddict June 16, 2004
your so gay
ug = you gay
wow, he is totally ug because he was making out with him...
by ashley demo September 20, 2006

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