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A once respectable game developer that used to make classic games such as Rayman, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6 and so on. Now they are Xbox 360 hugging assholes who don't give a shit about the best gaming platform, the PC. They delay games on a PC months over the 360 version and don't even bother to optimize one bit, as seen in Double Agent and Vegas.

Fuck Ubisoft, I am sick of their bullshit with PC games. This once great gaming developer lost all my respect. I am downloading all of their games now instead of paying for them to send those fuckers a message, and as should you. Tired of being dicked around on a PC? Sick of unoptimized delayed console ports? Then pirate the shit out of their games.
Ubisoft is now on par with EA as money-making corporate cuntrags who don't give a shit about gamers, as long as they push out their games for the most popular system at the time.

As seen with GRAW 2, Double Agent, and Vegas, they rather just spit out shitty delayed ports to shut PC gamers up than to actually spend time reworking it for Windows.
by bewareoblivionisathand March 07, 2007
A company that insists that resolution, like frame rate and character limits, is just a numbe-
Ubisoft just keeps on digging.
by Bio Syntax October 19, 2014
A sucessful, well-known videogame development and publishing company based in Montreal and having corporate presence in locations as diverse as Los Angeles, France, and Singapore, among others.

Ubisoft is perhaps best known for its Tom Clancy line of games. The collection of military and intelligence action games has produced such award-winning lines as the Ghost Recon series of squad-based action shooters, the Rainbow Six line of similar games, and the Splinter Cell line of stealth-based third-person shooters.

While the company has been known for consistantly putting out games of the highest quality, many gamers have expressed concern that EA's ongoing hostile takeover of Ubisoft will enact change to this dedication to quality.
Ubisoft's games are almost always cool.
by frostyservant March 25, 2005
A very talented video game developer and publisher.
Ubisoft Montreal is behind the master peice of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

by Matt March 04, 2005

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