United States! Bitches!
Asking an IT guy

You: Okay to test your IT Skill what does USB Mean

IT Guy: United States Bitches!!!
by UnknownDannyB March 13, 2010
Ultra Skinny Boys - An extremely thin person that is extremely skinny
Chard is such a USB
by Skinny Boys January 05, 2010
univeresal serial bus
i stuck my USB (universal serial bus) memory stick in my computer wich has 8gb of memory
by Mickman500 April 08, 2009
U're shitty bitch (used as exclam)
"USB!" Kyle yells at Lena.
by flannery April 04, 2007
USB is the acronym for Underware, Serial, and Bus, the three main necessities of daily life.
Underware-Without which no-one can live.
Serial-Neede to unlock Winamp Pro's superior functions.
Bus-How do you plan to get to school on time if you do not have a car?
A-Hey man was USB useful today?
B-No, I went by car and so B was out today.
by Ramakrishnan Srikanth November 03, 2005
the next gen techie lingo's term for Canada.
get it? we're usa, they're usb
by cygnus January 13, 2005
University for Sucky Bastards
Boss:You ain't doing your work right!, where the fuck you come from?USB???
Worker:Im sorry!!
by Enrique December 28, 2004

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