An acronym for "Unusual Sexual Behavior"
And can be a synonym for "kinky"
"Man, Jessica is such a USB girl."
by chickenhat1011 June 14, 2012
A term applied to any action or object which requires 3 attempts to complete successfully, and which has only two possible alternatives.
"First you walked in one direction, then you walked in the other. Then, you turned back and started walking in the same direction as before, youSB!"
by OhNotMeThenWhoElseCouldIBe? August 25, 2011
A.K.A. Unfinished Sexual Business. The crushing psychological weight which arises when one doesn't use a sexual opportunity to one's full advantage. A kiss is nice, but sometimes it just doesn't cut it and you'll always wonder what could have been. USB is often stronger during a sexual drought.
When it gets to a few months after you last shagged and you're wondering where your next meal's coming from, then you'll get some serious USB, and then I'll remind you how stupid you were to turn that girl down.
by mightype November 22, 2010
Acronym for the United States of Bromerica
In a country other than the USA:

Dude 1: I really want to live in the USA!
Dude 2: Don't you mean the USB?
Dude 1: What?
Dude 2: United States of Bromerica!!!
Dude 1: HIGH FIVE!
by bronerific! March 19, 2010
It is an Acronym for "U Stupid Bitch"this term is only used when someone says or do something stupid.This term was created by Efram Barber and Miguel Manning
Kid 1-"i wish they made a bag of skittles that come with diffrent colors"

Kid 2-"USB"
by efram b. August 12, 2010
Universal Serial Bus.
A serial bus standard to connect devices to a host computer. USB was designed to allow many peripherals to be connected using a single standardized interface socket and to improve plug and play capabilities.
Everything today has a USB port and almost every electronic device can connect via USB.
My old computer had 1 usb port at the back. My new computer has 6 and my mouse, printer, iPod, keyboard, external hard drive, digital camera and refrigerator all connect to my computer via USB
by Hugh Mann June 16, 2009
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