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(n) A repulsive, disgusting, ugly repugnant woman or man. "Un" is the first syllable in unf**kable, unattractive, unbearable, uninteresting, ungrateful and unimportant, but since uns are not worthy of any discussion whatsoever, wasting more than one syllable when describing one is literally a waste of breath.

Uns can achieve "un-ness"by being fat, ugly or unclean, but usually a combination of all 3.

Un are considered by some to be "the third, useless gender" because of their total lack of any sexual attractiveness whatsoever makes them neither male or female.
Rosie O'Donnell can say people dislike her because she's a woman, or because she's a lesbian. But the real reason people dislike her is because she's un. If she looked like Jessica Alba, everyone would love her.
by silentnomoreusa.com November 21, 2010
The briefest possible act of sexual intercourse. There is no "pumping" involved - just insertion, ejaculation, and withdrawal.

Although very similar physically to a "one-pump wonder," but a flu shot is different because it is a deliberate act meant to save time. A flu shot requires training to accomplish correctly. A flu shot is a valuable scheduling tool.

Men generally enjoy giving flu shots more than women enjoy receiving them, but with discipline women should be able to train their bodies to orgasm from a single flu shot.
I joined the mile high club when I gave my girlfriend a flu shot in the bathroom right before the plane landed.
by silentnomoreusa.com November 20, 2010
Other Men's Sperm - children a woman has from a previous relationship that aren't yours.
I don't mind having sex with her once in a while, but that's as far as it'll ever go. She's got three kids and I can't be bothered with OMS.
by silentnomoreusa.com November 22, 2010
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