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The 2nd and most controversial ammendment to the Constitution. It is part of the bill of rights.

1) The right to have bear-like arms

2) The right to own a firearm

3) The right to shoot a bear and put its arms on the wall

4) The most confusing thing in the world
1) Damn! Halloween is so much better now that I have the right to wear bear arms. I'm going to scare everybody!

2) Martha, I'z goin' a shoot me a crocodillio or a deer for our dinna' cause I gots the right to bear me some arms.

3) Since I have the right to bear arms, I might as well mount this petrified bear on the wall.

4) What were our forefathers thinking when they gave us the right to bear arms? Maybe they never thought it was possible for something this vauge to be misinterperated.
by POMLOVE May 18, 2006
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1.) Part of the constitution that guarantees (when the constitution was in effect before Abe Lincoln) any human in the USA to bear arms, own a gun, etc.

2.) Something liberals hate, esp. because it's a freedom and it's on the constitution. You should also be aware liberals actually believe freedom of speech means you can say only "certain things".
1.) I own a gun to protect me and my family because I have the right to bear arms, and I have the right to use it if someone breaks into my house.

2.) That liberal over there believes guns, upon many other basic freedoms, should be outlawed and limited.
by VanillaCoffee August 16, 2010

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