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Unintentional Masturbational Explosion.

A not uncommon phenomina, where during masturbation, the ejaculation occurs in an unintended fashion, and the 'man juice' spurts out in an explosion-like manner, splattering everywhere, including undesirable places i.e. desk, keyboard, face
I was having a wank last night when I had a UME, it went all over the computer!
by DudeyMcCool September 17, 2009

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A Seattle raised thot who constantly flirts with guys and has nothing better to do with her life besides flirting and having a mental disease which causes short term memory loss and a slow processing brain.
John was at the bar around 2am and saw a Ume getting drunk and messing with 3 guys.
by Dr. Drugs July 16, 2014
Totally and utterly cool
I am ume riding on this girl
by mike simpson May 12, 2003