Ultra Fetch, to fetch in an ultra way; to retrive in an ultra way, (rarely used ever!); also see fetch
Did you see that dog get the stick? That was a UF!
by UrbanPinballWizard September 12, 2004
Top Definition
The top 10 ranked participating schools, followed by the number of recruited Merit scholars, are:

1. Harvard University--378
2. University of Texas--258
3. Yale University--228
4. University of Florida--224
5. Stanford University-217
6. University of Chicago-182
7. Arizona State University--176
8. Rice University-173
9. University of Oklahoma-170
10. Princeton University--165
So what was bill saying that UF was a third rate school? FSU isnt even top 10. Looks like someone's a gay nole.

What did the FSU grad say to the UF grad? ... BOSS! cause UF grads are more leet than FSU grads. enough said.
by P huNgy May 17, 2004
undercover freak
Is she an uf?
by Aero G February 23, 2003
ultra fetch - a state of ultra coolness
that new purple bag is so UF!
by vic September 09, 2004
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