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Something everyone on the earth deserves no matter what race, religion sex or country!
"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
-Patrick Henry before Virginia House of Burgesses
by Vic November 18, 2003
The sexiest pants in the Final Fantasy XI virtual-world of Vana D'iel.
Person A: This subligar is 1337Z!!!!!!
Person B: >.>
by Vic January 15, 2005
a cool country, but most of the definitions by canadians or canadian supporters always bring up the US in thier arguement. Find something else to exploit. Most of the entries here state that america was racist, well incase you didnt notice, that statement is discrimitory.
"Americans are all racist, too bad im too stupid to notice what i just said was along the lines of racism"
by Vic April 22, 2004
MonkeeRaider slang for psychedelic, pertaining to the effects of lysergic acid dythelemide, and similar hallucination-producing drugs.
I see the colors of the notes he is playing, far-heavy and psycho-jello!
by vic July 15, 2004
A concentration Camp...
I dont want to die= I dont want to go to wal-mart!
by Vic May 22, 2004
An Australian Band, who's fast rise to fame, due to them being over-hyped as the 'Next Nirvana' by the stupidest magazine ever NME led to their rapid decline in fame, and the unfounded comparation to Kurt resulted to much distrought and animosity by Vines and Nirvana fans alike.
Lead singer Craig Nicholls is known for having the autism spectrum disorder Apsperger's Syndrome which explains his being a prat.
Everyone says The Vines sound like Nirvana, when although they are only mildly influenced (as most bands are) by them. The lyrics and vocals sound nothing alike except for their major Hit 'Get Free' which is similar in structure to 'Negative Creep'. I lizen to da Vines becoz NME tells me wot to do and now NME tells me 2 hate dem so i do, but now coz craggles hav asperger NME want me to write crag letter 4 support even do NME told me to hate dem. NME iz god. it tellz me what i shood hate and like coz i hav no opinion. 111!!!
by vic February 04, 2005
To act stpuid or crazy over somthing or to complain too much.
My mom Busted a ball when she found out that I was smoking.
by Vic November 11, 2003

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