1. University of California Irvine. A very boring public university where most undergraduates prefer to leave the campus and return home, than attend the lackluster events. The high Asian population keeps the school's major fields of study in Biology, Mathematics, and Engineering. Very easy to get into and is considered to be champion of ennui among the UC public school system.

2. The school I attend and am taking my Biomedical Engineering Pre-Med undergrad. Hey, it's boring but I made some cool friends and I get tons of cash in the future!
Stranger: So what school do you go to?
Me: UCI.
Stranger: Oh... we used to drive down to UCI from UCSB and beat up lame losers who don't party.
Me: Hehe...(T_T)... nice.
by LittleKip February 26, 2005
University of California Irvine, a prominent school among the lower quartile of the UC system where the asian population rivals many large scale cities.
"Hey man what school you go to?"
"Never heard of it."
by learn how to drive socal April 16, 2003
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