When you take a 12 inch double headed dildo, put one end in a girls vagina and the other in the anus. Thus the dildo forms the shape of a "U"
Oh man, i was rammin my chick with a double headed dildo last night and i put the shit in her ass, so i fuckin pulled a U turn on that slut
by Poop Stain Shane March 13, 2008
When a man has a really curved penis.
Kyle's Penis turns a lot to the right. Kyle has a U-turn
by Eric Chin 88 November 10, 2013
(verb) the act of turning around and going back home after discovering the man on the street you've been fawning over is gay.

(noun) a gay man who's stunning looks shock the opposite sex
girl 1: omg, check this dude out! he's. . .

girl 2:. . . he's a u-turn, forget it

girl 1: not again!
by Bishie March 27, 2011
Take your penis, bend it under and insert it into your anus. That's a U-Turn.
Brent uses toys because his penis isn't long enough to U-Turn.

I snuck into the car wash for a private place to U-Turn.
by djsures July 26, 2010
Sexual Position, primarily for the male sex. The act of inserting your own personal genitalia within one's anus.
1.) "Sometimes I just want to fuck myself."

"Yeah it's called a u-turn."

2.) "Stacey stood me up tonight, so I took a u-turn."
by macattacklawl October 09, 2009
when in a threesome you turn several times during an orgazm
"hey girls,jim is the best at U -turn.Kacey agrees aswell.
by jade fox January 01, 2008
When performing cunnilingus, you lick your partner from her Tramp Stamp, down through her under carriage, past the poon, and up to her belly button; thus making a U shaped motion.
Kids are crazy these days, can you believe Michael pulled a U-Turn on that Trog?
by Sausage Dogg February 03, 2007

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