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when you fuck a girl and then leave town, forgetting to mention that ur never coming back
"i'd wouldn't get caught trevering that bitch"
by trever January 31, 2004
To discribe an action. It can either be good or bad.
Bad-I was like blauw when i hit the back of that car.
Good- I was like blauw when I hit that person up for money and they gave me some.
by trever July 26, 2004
A dance- put your hands up bend your knees bounce around in a circle get down on your knees.
....lets do the u turn!!!
by trever July 26, 2004
a lone gangsta wannabe who thinks hes black but is whiter that the snow of alaska! these types of kosty ppl are homos and should die!
hey kosty u big homo
by trever October 26, 2003
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