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4 definitions by trever

when you fuck a girl and then leave town, forgetting to mention that ur never coming back
"i'd wouldn't get caught trevering that bitch"
by trever January 31, 2004
15 5
To discribe an action. It can either be good or bad.
Bad-I was like blauw when i hit the back of that car.
Good- I was like blauw when I hit that person up for money and they gave me some.
by trever July 26, 2004
7 2
A dance- put your hands up bend your knees bounce around in a circle get down on your knees.
....lets do the u turn!!!
by trever July 26, 2004
42 38
a lone gangsta wannabe who thinks hes black but is whiter that the snow of alaska! these types of kosty ppl are homos and should die!
hey kosty u big homo
by trever October 26, 2003
3 27