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Referring to someone who is hot but under the age of 18. Or something that is not made to last.
Bruh Bruh that sluther right their is hella Fisher Price, fresh off the swings!


Man this plastic watch I got from China is hella Fisher Price.
by 2DotDee July 08, 2011
Used after saying something, meaning no going back, straight foward.
Even though I love my ex-boyfriend, he wanted to get back with me, after I caught him cheating! So im straight No U-turn.
by 2DotDee July 08, 2011
Someone who is acting child'ish. Or someone who is not of legal age.
Bro your girl was hella Fresh off the swings when she saw me flurtin with all these sluthers.


Foo, you know this Fisher Price can't scoop up any brew, hes Fresh off the swings!
by 2DotDee July 08, 2011
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