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Great fast bowler from Pakistan who is now a political leader. He married a very influential brit who later parted ways with him.
Imran also built a hospital in Lahore Pakistan in memory of his mother Shaukat Khanam.
Imran Khan a cricketer, a politcian and a social worker.
by Tendulakr November 07, 2006
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IMRAN KHAN (The Lion Of Pakistan). A great Pakistani, a cricketer, who won the WC 1992 for Pak, a philanthropist, running a cancer hospital and a college, and a politician and chairman of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. Only leader of Pak who is not under US influence. Speaks for truth and justice. Leader of the youth and the last HOPE for PAKISTAN.
Badlo bure nizam ko
Vote do Imran ko

Imran Khan the real champ!!!

Future Prime Minister of Pakistan .. INSHALLAH
by TruePakistani April 07, 2011
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